1 Panel Progress

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Its still a bit rough looking I mean I’m way out of practice and all but here’s the process of panel 1

The only thing new I really did was actually blur the line art, but I was shocked at how well it went with my messy line art so I shall continue duplicating and blurring my line art Now I get to test the image on my phone and see how it looks, this will give me an idea on how large I need the word bubbles to be . Yeah I know I suck at backgrounds, I just painted a quick one for this scene its supposed to be on fire anyway.


So Back to studying & Remaking my comic in the new format

I haven’t been doing art for a couple of years, I think it’s a lot to do with I realized I’m lacking in skill and what I consider art other people consider Illustration. This sort of broke my heart, and I found that my desire for making things somehow dropped dramatically…

But recently I realized I’m, not an artist, I’m not an illustrator but a comic maker and I think I never realized that that was different. I find joy not in just drawing but in telling a story with my drawings and always have and although it gives me a headache a little to think like that it seems to help. Sure I admit I’m not great at any of it, but I should stop thinking of my age and how I’m lacking in comparison to the younger more dedicated artist. If I don’t start pushing myself how can I be any good ever? Well If I improve enough and work hard enough maybe I can reach my desired levelness in my thirties.If you’re good enough no one cares what age you are right? I discovered a woman who only picked up a drawing tablet in her 90s but was doing illustrations since the 1940s (she passed away sadly a year ago ) But that really encouraged me I think. She didn’t change her style to suit the modern trends either, she just used newer applications.

So now my goal at least is to be any good by the time I have kids and grandchildren and admit I may never be a professional (that was hard for me and might be why I’ve felt discouraged) after seeing the professional level of the artist in person I’m not really sure of myself…

I guess I’ll continue on from the beginning blocks of drawing and go ahead and redraw and start drawing my comic BLaze again. I have to reformat it now for phones unlike when I first started drawing it in 2007 and redrew it in 2010, the way comics are read is TOTALLY different. I never got very far before, with inconsistent updates and an unfinished story. I still have a lot to write for the story, but for now I’ll be redrawing the original prologue I published if only to experiment with format and the way I want to color it in the future. I think my best bet is to sketch it out in one super large file, crop and individually work on each panel and then merge it together seamlessly in Photoshop before slicing it for upload. WAY different from how I used to do things. We shall see how that goes. I should also admit defeat with some of my anatomies and actually use the 3d resource that’s included in the comic studio when I’m having trouble with anatomy.

I shall focus on making my comic and my story instead of being so obsessed with the art being any good.

My plan is to make a year worth of content before I start publishing my comic again so I can work on it a little more stress-free in case I can’t make deadlines. I WOULD LIKE to do bi-monthly, but I’m not sure yet how fast I can make panels or how many panels I will be doing for each update so we shall have to see I guess. THE FORMAT FOR WEBCOMICS IS SO DIFFERENT NOW XD

Anyway I’ll post this awesome resource I’ll be studying in case I can’t find it again.

Artist course book

Also I’m seriously unemployed so consider supporting me by taking a look at my Etsy, which really doesn’t have much right now but I’ve been attempting to make scrapbook patterns XD. I’m also probably going to be accepting commissions for art but I have to relearn some things and want to build up a consistent style and samples first.





So I know I don’t have any ambition these days …for anything really and I haven’t drawn regularly in years ..or even tried, but maybe that’s why I need to force it on myself and challenge myself. I think I’ll find something that gives me like…a subject each day to draw or use a character generator …also do fan art for people. I need to …catch up with the good artist. Maybe even get to the point where it can help support me (lost another job ) T.T

Learning again…

Ok so after not being satisfied with my finished cover I had to redesighn it again. I ALMOST made someone make one but I altered the color a bit and Im much happier with the result.

The last Dream WATTPAD LARGE cover.jpg

I actually have a bit of the step by step in my cover story , which is here ….The Last Dream Walkthrough.   I guess I’m writing here because I have a cluster of things on my mind and I’m jittery as hell ! The cat wakes me up knocking everything he can on the dresser by the bed and I just got on watt pad to read but then I wanted to do all sorts of other things!

(as I write this I’m jumpy as hell I think it’s the caffeine they put in the PMS medicine)

ONE I want to get better at photomanipulation so I can make covers and graphics for people and eventually actually get money or perks for it …I’m not as skilled as much of the talent and I have years of not really doing it to make up for.

TWO I’m actually not going to rewrite “The worst kind of witch” even though its poorly constructed I’m going to focus on finishing it and then making another draft after all , but it is on hiatus so I can focus on “The last dream ” for now which I actually do know the ending for the most part (its a big twist so I’m excited)

I work in about three hours so I’m going to now post these following links to tutorials and explain why Im going to try to study up on the subjects?

This Tutorial for example has a really nice ended blend result , I really need to read some stuff like this so I can get a better understanding how to make pictures blend nicely together http://thedarkrayne.deviantart.com/art/Sacred-Soul-Tutorial-311836951

I also want to perfect the painted look without the need for filters so that I can merge things more seamlessly and even pain things in myself without it looking weird.

I guess lighting too…

Also I need to go to the gym like now Im still hyper and I needed to ask abou



My Wattpad Story and Cover art.

well I also write for a hobby and I have decided to rewrite ‘the worst kind of witch’ but im also starting on the first draft of “The last Dream”

In the world of Serv , monsters have always been a threat and the lands of the humans , elldeon , rodean and fauna have always been protected by “adventurers” people trained in the way of killing the corrupt magic and creatures that threaten their homes.

Sirina Minux is a young fauna woman who’s been sent to the new capital Zett to train in the ways of an adventurer as punishment for shaming her family . Can she possibly get along in a mainly human city without her temper and bad instincts getting her into trouble?

Eldent Zac Ferinanot is a half Elldeon sent to the new city to help out with the embassy and root up black market crime , and pretty much everything his families house tells him to do , so long as he can get away from them . When he by chance ends up saving the life of an idiot fauna with the inability to dress modestly his life is pretty much thrown off balance.

But even with the day to day blossoming of friendships and training in the new ‘Academy Of Adventuring’, even with all the four races of Serv finally making peace,
A nightmare has begun to emerge from the depths of the old world that was better left forgotten.


If you read it remember its in its first drafts but any advice is welcome to.

WATTPAD COVER for The last dream.png

I did draw this for the cover also.


Not one reader yet but on the bright side It made me do art again.

Of course I need to do a couple more details , add some color and then a background But I’m super pleased with the results so far considering how out of practice I am!

New Comic Formatting? Questioning myself in the form of writing a blog entry.

I’m considering the fact that comic formatting style is different now that I’m thinking of getting back to my blaze comic again . Now people read from their mobile devices so when I start back up getting to change the way I display the comic is going to be tricky.

I should have known I would eventually encounter the problem of course. Comic format on the internet changes every five years almost but when I was younger I always held on to the fantasy that my comics would make it to print one day. I no longer hold on to that sort of fantasy I simply haven’t grown enough as an artist and I know what I never will be able to make the bounds and leaps that are necessary to be that successful of an artist . I simply enjoy writing and drawing comics and I finally know that about myself and am content with it.

Part of me wants to make a new comic entirely something gothic and vampire-like so that I can make a comic specifically for that format to practice …it would need to be short though.

When I was younger I did have a cheesy story that was about vampires but I had my friends reading it and hanging on to every word , especially my best friend Tay who still holds that story in her heart…

Maybe I could do a short comic on that? Omg it was so cheesy …but I could change things around and keep it short and simple. But then again let’s face it , short and simple has never been in my name. Once I start on something I try to weave something complicated out of it like I always have.

Maybe If I write a short story , then make a draft traditionally by the time I get my tablet all set up and get comfy with it maybe I’ll have a short gothic story I can attempt a new drawing style and format with. Can’t hurt right?

But still when I’m finished with that there’s STILL the question on the best way to turn a 180 on my comic blaze..

I think I have no choice. I must simply change the way it reads and then when I finally get far enough I’ll have to redraw the first chapter. Even though Ive aleady done that before…maybe three times since I was 17. Ive never been good about regular updates. The only way I can justify redoing the first chapter would be if I can get far enough with regular updates that I can do enough pages before they need to be published …Which means…

I would need to draw two pages a week or three , update that week only once for a couple of months and then use one of those regular sessions to go back and start over?

Maybe I’m overcomplicating things.

I think i should definitely start out with a short gothic style comic and use SketchUp and filters for backgrounds . I can do the comic in black and white .



been a long time .

its been so long. I’ve been happier then I’ve ever been in my life this last year…and yet I have done no art. I think I’m finally ready to come back to the world I’ve abandoned god knows I have the time. I have a new tablet coming in the mail this next week since my own tablet has actually had issues for the last year (one of the reasons I’ve probably gone missing. Its my Christmas present from my boyfriend who’s made me the happiest woman alive. He even got me a kitten. If you’ve followed me for a long time you probably remember how lonely I’ve been . You also know I suck at poetry. I’m sorry about that last bit. But If I haven’t blogged about this man before I vanished from internet existence , just know  hes the only person in the world Iv’e ever met who is so much like me I can hold a conversation with him , completely turn it around , use a nerdy reference and return to the original topic without him so much as flinching and doing the exact same thing which I can also understand. That last sentence probably makes very little sense to most human beings. I ordered the intus  comic small which is probably about the modern version of what I have now except they still manufacture the pens for it.. XD.


I also need to get another job or figure out how to make money at home since I work at a visitors center and they have low hours fall-winter …and I need to gift people …especially my boyfriend who has spoiled me for the last year ….like everything I ever want he gets excited to make it happen…Honestly I’m starting to develop some sort of princess syndrome and I need to work harder ….I sort have let him spoil me a bit to much , I guess because it was nice to not work so hard and still live comfortably…and he’s a gamer…so I had all the video games…and I’ve gained weight because that and the ice cream …and the nice dinners…We both joined the gym recently because I really don’t want to buy new pants.


So yeah I’ll be back ! Honestly I forgot how much I love my computer I haven’t turned the thing on for months .


shojo copic style coloring

Im out of practice but I wanted to see how to emulate my messy marker style in manga studio and this is as close as I came …considering changing my manga style completely but im not sure to what exacly.